See how pathologists were guided to more informed treatment decisions.

Learn how a financial brand was successfully repositioned to millennials.

Watch how branded content inspires emotion to drive conversions.

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Emotion Marketing

Elevates brands. Influences behavior. Transforms experiences. Watch

Emotion Marketing

Elevates brands. Influences behavior. Transforms experiences.

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Emotion Marketing

The world’s most successful brands have high Emotional Connection Index (ECI) scores. These marketers give customers “rational” reasons to connect to their brand and place intrinsic value on developing an “emotional” connection.

Our emotion marketing and branding process includes an assessment of a brand’s ECI supported using methodologies that uncover target(s) behavior and marketplace intelligence using historical, current and predictive analysis. This data forms an actionable knowledge base of insights, motivations and influences.

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Payers, patients, providers, pharma and device manufacturers must continuously adapt to meet demands of legislative change. We help brands navigate by building laser-focused go-to-market strategies and deeper customer bonds to ensure successful measurable results.

We guide, launch and reposition brands, products, services and technologies for genomics, medical devices, biotech, pharmaceuticals, IVF and managed care. Understanding your target market and answering their needs is the best insurance a brand can have.

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Our EM process provides customized analytics that pinpoint emotional indicators for building brand loyalty and increasing revenue for fintech, banks, investment companies and credit unions.

We identify key drivers motivating the behaviors of a brand’s most valuable target buying segments for money management, financial and retirement planning, investment management, 401(k)s, pension investments, personal and business loans and credit. Our programs build trust, compel investment and give customers reasons to return.

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Technology brands must continuously seek effective marketing strategies and tactics like lead generation/nurture, email drip campaigns, pipeline marketing, product integration, branded content, e-books, white papers, data tools and social media. Methods multiply and change constantly.

AI and machine learning, feature marketing, vertical/horizontal modeling, conversational conversion and customer profiling, though important, are ancillary to the critical foundation that strategic positioning and messaging serve to keep a brand ahead of the competition.

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