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TechMD has been a national managed service provider and trusted partner in the IT industry for over 30 years. They needed to evolve their brand and humanize it to attract small to medium sized businesses throughout the US. The core belief at TechMD is that every client deserves a unique, customer-centric IT partner. Our mission was to transform this belief into a tangible, compelling brand experience.

TechMD’s commitment to placing their client companies at the center of everything they do was the cornerstone of our rebranding effort. By developing a new voice and image, we aligned their services with their brand experience using this client-focused philosophy. The goal was to:

For clients:
• Ensure a personalized and flexible approach to enterprise-level IT
• Create a more fulfilling, stress-free IT experience for clients

For employees and partners:
• Empower client teams, and maximize long-term opportunities
• Increase leads, conversions, sales and revenue

Through this collaboration, TechMD has evolved into more than a technology-centered brand, they became about the people who rely on TechMD every day. The redeveloped brand resonates with over 7,600 clients nationwide. Their clients see TechMD as an indispensable, interconnected part of their core staff and operations. It’s a testament to how an effective marketing and branding strategy can transform a company’s identity and make it stand out in a highly competitive industry.

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