Standing Out with a Unique Brand Story

Tower Roasting Co. is a craft coffee pioneer, founded by technologists partnered with direct trade growers and artisan roasters driven to create the perfect cup of handcrafted coffee for every taste, every time. We named their K-Cup, the SUPER POD™ with SUPER SEAL™ technology because it keeps coffee fresh longer than regular pods and they hold up to 47% more coffee and flavor per pod. Their high-end brand is Tower Coffee and mass-consumer brand is Majestic Blends.

We changed the coffee game by turning the product development process around. By studying bean types and origins, then bean blends, we developed irresistible consumer-appealing flavor profiles for Tower Coffee. The profiles were given to a master roaster to develop flavors as described. It’d be like describing a wine you want a winemaker to make based the grape types, growing region and a taste description. This and the SUPER PODS™ created an incredible marketing and PR opportunity.

Majestic Blends, their Pacific Northwest brand, used a similar flavor profile to roast process. However, we suggested developing a Bigfoot mascot to add more attention and irreverence to the brand. A “match me to my coffee” game was created to capture customer data and taste profiles so they could be linked to their perfect coffee match. Creative direction also included design direction and copywriting for the websites and packaging. CRM, a digital marketing campaign, social media and public relations will follow.

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