Internet User Habits: A Plus Of Mobile Consumer Engagement

In the past it used to be publicly unacceptable to check emails, texts or browse the Internet in many social or work-related situations. Boy, have times changed. With recent research coming to surface, it is clear now that the vast majority of Internet users are almost always ‘plugged in’ to an Internet enabled device at all times, with approximately 60% almost always connected.1

Furthermore, those who are consistently plugged in are generally between the ages of 18-44, while those younger than 18 and older than 55 are more likely to unplug daily.2 Of these users plugged in, one can safely assume they are utilizing the Internet to access social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

So why is this news relevant? It emphasizes that the future of social media marketing and its potential impact on consumers can only grow from here. Major brands have used social media and interesting tactics in order to engage customers in unique ways. Take Starbucks for example. This global coffee giant has no problems in growth, however they have used Instagram as a means of branding themselves differently. They started a campaign called #WhereInTheWorld where they highlight a specific and unique retail store and ask users to guess its location.3 This simple campaign showcases the individuality of the stores, while proving it is not a generic coffee chain.

With research coming to surface, it helps you identify, with specificity, who your future customer is. While everyone knows that social media can be used to engage customers, it’s important to understand the extent of your reach, your customer, and how to engage this ever-growing population in unique ways.



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