Pioneering Machine Health

Predicting and Preventing Machine Failure

Pioneering the machine health industry, Augury has completely revolutionized the world of predictive maintenance. When Augury worked with Sagon-Phior, they tasked us with showcasing their leadership in the machine health industry.

Augury empowers others to act on machine health by anticipating potential failures through predictive maintenance methodologies. It’s one thing to have an AI indicate something is wrong – it’s another thing entirely to know how to repair it. Augury’s exceptional value lies in preventing critical machine failure by bringing these two together through their expert-driven actionable alerts and advanced technology that goes beyond the sensor.

Utilizing IoT to Deliver Machine Health

Recently, Augury was featured in The Record’s Summer Edition – the latest news and thought leadership on technology in automotive, financial services, communication, media, manufacturing, public sector, retail and hospitality.

In their IoT cover story, executives comment on the fundamental changes business are now measuring to ensure they can withstand though times of crisis. CEO and Co-Founder of Augury, Saar Yoskovitz, (Pg. 47), noted that Augury is using IoT to deliver machine health that digitally transforms how maintenance and reliability teams work in manufacturing and ultimately build more agile production operations.

Augury also appeared in two print ads (Pg. 40 and 117) designed by Sagon-Phior and were featured in a case study with PepsiCo Innovation Labs (PepsiCo Frito-Lay, page 131). PepsiCo partnered with Augury to improve performance and reduce machine downtime, allowing for less interruptions and greater productivity. The successful partnership has proven beneficial in the machine health industry.

Now, unplanned downtime is a thing of the past. Say hello to Augury.


“Hello. We’re Augury.” – Directed and Produced by Sagon-Phior



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