Marketing To Millennials And Boomers – The Generation Gap

With social media and modern technology at the hands of everybody today, it’s no surprise different generations are cultivating their media intake to meet their specific desires. So when two generations are compared side by side, what are the differences?

Take the Millennials (Gen Y) and the Baby Boomers for example. Many of the latter are in fact the children of the former. But their tastes diverge significantly when it comes to entertainment and product consumption. While Millennials are more engaged by bright colors, interactive multimedia, and varying perceptions in the market and respective advertising, Boomers prefer repetition and contrasting colors. Boomers display a longer attention span but find themselves more distracted by the speed of the modern world. Their senses of humor differ as well – Boomers are fans of light-hearted, clever humor, while Millemnials prefer sarcastic, witty, off-beat humor.

Each generation is unique, and these two are no exception. Boomers are the ones with spending power. They prefer traditional and nostalgic themes, and simplicity is key to their needs. Millennials, on the other hand, are a fast-paced generation. They require constant stimulation and change.

It’s the Millennials who are leading us into the future. So with these differences in mind, it’s up to advertisers to mold their marketing strategies to the tastes of a multitude of generational desires.


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