Facebook Brand Timelines – What Marketers Need To Know

After the announcement of Facebook Timeline at the F8 Conference back in September, marketers have been wondering when Timeline would be available for brand pages. Now, Timeline for brands has arrived. Here is what you need to know to get your company ready for the switch.

Arriving at a brand’s page for the first time will be a completely different experience. The Timeline opens to a large cover photo, just like personal Timeline pages. This is a great way to brand your page and make a strong first impression. We have seen many innovative examples that seamlessly integrate the profile picture with the cover photo. This will allow brands to show off their creativity and make a notable impact.

Unfortunately, the Timeline does not allow brands to set a landing page. This will require brands to pay closer attention to the top messages, since this is what users will see first. A great new feature to control what content is seen first is the ability to “pin” certain posts. This new element allows marketers to keep interesting and new content at the top of the Timeline. The pin is displayed with a small orange flag, and brands will only be allowed to pin one post at a time.

Another change to look for is how content is arranged. Content and posts are organized into two main columns that are divided to symbolize a passage of time. This offers brands a great opportunity to educate and outline “milestones” the company has had throughout its history. Some examples of milestones are, when the company was founded, product releases, promotions, achievements, etc. This adds an element of genuineness and humanizes the brand.

You might also notice the tabs are no longer on the left side. Timeline pages display tabs below the cover photo. Since photos will take up one tab, there will only be three tabs available under the cover photo for other applications. Your other apps will still be there, but only accessible by clicking a down-down box.

Finally, Facebook is allowing brands to send and receive private messages. This will permit brands to contact fans that are asking questions, addressing complaints, inquiries, etc. Brands can now privately address users and interact with them on a more personal, one-on-one manner. This is a great opportunity to build that lasting relationship with potential customers.

Timeline will take some getting use to. Do you think your brand is ready for March 30th, when all pages will be automatically switched over?


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