The Fate Of A Tweet Is In Your Hands

After fully dissecting the Twitter-webs, researchers from UCLA and HP have stumbled upon a simple algorithm that can predict 84% of the time what Tweets will be most popular.

Turns out, only four factors (below) are primarily responsible for the clickability of your tweet.

Here’s how you can take advantage of each one:


It’s no surprise that the same content posted by the American Heart Association and by a Nevada high school teacher will have different rates of success.

So, you must be constantly maintaining your authority on your niche by retweeting trustworthy materials, and by staying relevant and concentrated within your topic area. For example, a brand of laundry products that sometimes tweets about the environment is not as credible as a focused laundry brand that is up to date only in the realm of laundry.

You can also strive to become a recognized twitter personality in a topic by guest writing for, or by being mentioned by an important source in that field. Hey, it only takes a minute to shoot an inquiring email!


The followers in different circles have different Twitter behaviors, influencing how likely a Tweet is to be retweeted, favorited, and responded to. The number one tweetable news category is…TECH! Which is no surprise, considering that those who are on Twitter are considerably tech savvy by definition. In second and third places are Health and Fun Stuff, respectively.

Check out the rest of the news category findings on page three of this report.


The researchers found two trends in headlines:

  1. Although maybe counterintuitive, people are less likely to click on tweets that are sensational.
  2. The mere mention of popular icons in a Twitter headline is almost guaranteed to garner more clicks.


Tweeting around the clock:

  • 5PM: Best Time to Tweet (6% of all retweets happen around 5PM)
  • Noon-6PM: The window in which your tweet is most likely to get the most click-throughs
  • Midweek and Weekends: Best days to tweet

Here at Sagon-Phior, we are excited to see how you utilize these findings to enhance your Twitter involvement. Twitter is just one of the many social channels a person, group or business can engage in to connect or build awareness.

Comment and tweet us to keep us posted!


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