Marketing Operations – The Nerve Center For Modern Business

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Today we have the ability to measure and analyze the outcome of our client’s marketing efforts.

Marketing and advertising have come a long way from the days of flip charts and T-squares. Don Draper’s Madison Avenue is part of advertising’s great history.

What used to be a creative department is now a team of team of highly technical-savvy marketing strategists, content developers and producers, coders facile in multiple programming languages, search optimization professionals, social media experts, quality assurance managers and data analysts. And because everything can be designed to be measurable, it is tantamount that creative and strategic teams be as intimately involved with their digital counterparts as possible from the onset of an assignment.


With a pressed economy and tight budgets, companies demand answers and results.

They want to know marketing makes a valuable, measurable contribution to the pipeline. The challenge lies in producing integrated programs that measure the marketing story beyond a single tactic. It takes multiple touch points and interactions to turn a prospect into a lead, and then into an opportunity.

Industry leaders in successful new business development typically emerge after implementing a complete digital platform that includes multiple tiers. This type of platform is usually implemented after creating a holistic marketing plan that incorporates customer touch points both on and offline. (Please contact us if you are interested in seeing an example of a multi-tiered digital platform framework.)

Though we live in a digital world that modern business cannot ignore, we still need amazing Don Draper-like ideas to make compelling content and important brand connections to customers. The nerve center for modern business operations has simply expanded to include and consider more consumer touch points and opportunities for testing, learning, measuring and real-time responding are better than ever before. If your organization is not taking full advantage of these opportunistic tools, it’s time to get onboard.


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