MarketMe Suite: The Nimbus 2000 Of Mobile Social Marketing Platforms


Older platforms are cool, but this one gets you where you need to be faster.

Heard of it? It’s becoming more and more commonplace, used by now over 25,000 companies all over the world. Like its well-known precedents HootSuite and Tweet Deck, it allows you to conserve time and energy by posting to multiple or all social media platforms at once and to schedule posts in advance. However, MarketMe Suite is exciting in that it includes features that give you unprecedented control over content and brand image, as well as intel to check yours and others’ online progress. Here is a short list of the most exciting new features:

  1. Not only does MMS allow you to log in on multiple accounts at once, it also allows you to login from the same account more than once. This gives you tremendous flexibility. You can use MMS to manage multiple businesses or multiple personas of a business from one screen, and you can allow multiple employees from a business to collaborate by logging in at the same time.
  2. MMS gives you two platforms for self-assessment. First, it partners with Klout to allow you to quickly check whether your personal online activity has been growing or shrinking. Secondly, MMS uses an algorithm to assess other users in the relevant online community to help you connect with those most geared to positively enrich your brand’s online experience.
  3. MarketMe Suite also serves as an exceptional organizational tool through both the search and inbox functions. Its advanced search bar can target searches across all social media accounts and years, as limited or as broad as you determine. The Smart Inbox allows you to organize into what folders each online interaction notification falls into. Each individual inbox is customizable to your needs. You can decide on what social platforms the content comes from, what types of content from each platforms, and pick specific keywords or usernames to target messages from.
  4. Last, but certainly not least is the Macro function (which should appropriately be known as The Time Saver Of All Time). Any message that is repeatedly sent, such as “Thanks for following me!”, can be made into a Macro, meaning that you’ll never have to type those words again, because you’ll be able to click on that message’s Macro button. Using the Macro feature means never having to type “Thanks for mentioning me!” again.

Sagon-Phior can help you get setup and trained with the latest tools for all of your marketing needs. We look forward at Sagon-Phior to hearing about your Social Media Marketing experiences using MarketMe Suite!

Comment, Tweet or Post to give us your feedback! Extra points if you use MMS to do all three. :)

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