Make Room For Gen-Z

Make Room For Gen-Z

Generation Z—the truly digital age. Members of Gen Z are often too young to remember events like 9/11, yet have spent their cultivating years in what has been a trying recession.

The lack of richesse and the dismemberment of the American Dream has turned this generation into a biting one. With access to just about any drop of information at the touch of a button, and the tech-savvy mind to navigate through it all, Gen Z strikes a stark contrast from most generations before it.

Long gone is the age of glorious, hyperbolic advertising. Gen Z wants honesty from their brands and quality from their products. There’s a level of interconnectivity that maintains this honesty; social networking allows for sharing of all things public and personal.

Brands who take part in social networking have an edge on the competition. When a company makes a Facebook, they become a part of the community. They’re more trusted because they maintain a sort of open-door policy with their consumers. Those who offer a genuine connection with the market are more likely to develop a strong clientele within Gen Z.

So plug in, because here come the new kids on the block.