Google Glass: Could Pay-Per-Gaze Be Next?

Google Glass, the wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, may become one of the most useful tools among marketers to gather data with. With the Glass Explorer program underway, Google continues to develop additional functionality to the Glass, especially within advertising.

Originally filed in May 2011, Google was granted a patent for a “Gaze Tracking System” last week. The system tracks eye movement and pupil dilation to discern viewers’ reactions and involvement with advertising. It can monitor what parts they respond best to, as well as what they look at first. It doesn’t end at online advertisements, either, but the technology will be able to track users interactions with traditional advertising such as billboards and newspapers, too.

The new gaze tracking technology opens itself to a new advertising model called “pay-per-gaze” through which marketers could track which advertisements are seen in what order along with how many times both their online and offline ads are viewed. Google already thought ahead to the “big-brother” feeling some might have with a tracking system placed over their eyes, so they’ll be offering an opt out and anonymity option.

Google Glass will provide an amazing opportunity not only for the development of new technologies, but also for more precise and effective marketing strategieThis.


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