Does Your Non-Profit Website Engage Young Donors?

Recent surveys have shown that non-profit organizations have some work to do. Young donors, generally born between 1979 and 1994, are getting more choosey with their philanthropic endeavors. The survey showed that they are tuning out when an organization’s website isn’t regularly updated.

This age bracket expects honesty and transparency with advertising – they want to know what’s happening and what they can do to help. Taking it a step further, they expect to see the results in action.

While most of this group’s donations tend to be smaller, ranging between $1-100 on average, they are more likely to donate with regularity. The catch: 84% prefer to make their donations online, so the website must be engaging and must elicit an emotional response from the donor.

Most of them responded well to sites with photos detailing the charity experience, accessible information on the non-profit organization itself, and information on the positive effects made by the movement.

Sites that weren’t appealing featured vague information and were too text-heavy. Other qualms the Milllennial donors had with these websites- most of them weren’t optimized for mobile use and many training seminars were viewed as a bit lengthy. On the bright side, a large percentage of this population desires to make philanthropic efforts. The key, however, to these donors” hearts is through their cell phones. So making changes to the web platform so that the mobile version is responsive is necessary.


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