Keys To Successful Emotional Marketing*

The way people think about a brand does not make them act. The way they feel about a brand does. Especially the way a brand makes them feel about themselves. Does it make them feel more appealing, secure or empowered? These are the questions to ask before any new creative challenge.

Let’s face it, intellect isn’t why we eat a cupcake, buy a wedding ring or join a gym. It isn’t even why a company purchases a new piece of technology. If acquiring that technology enhances workforce performance, then the workforce feels more productive. Management in return feels more successful by having increased performance and revenue.


There is power in building an emotional connection with an audience. Ideas and stories that evoke strong emotions attract attention, build confidence, inspire loyalty, motivate action and ensure success.

However, it’s not as simple as showing someone a laughing baby to make them smile. Solutions for a brand must come organically out of the brand itself, revealing some fundamental truth about it.

A brand’s success comes from rigorously and clearly defining that truth, and delivering it in a way that deeply connects to people in a compelling manner, regardless of conflicting stimuli.

While most ask what makes communication clever, funny or memorable, try changing the question. Ask what is the core emotional idea unique to the brand? How does this idea emotionally connect with my audience? And, will it engender feelings strong enough to compel them to act? Answering these questions will lead to more interesting storytelling and a successful emotional marketing campaign.


*Sagon-Phior, Digitally Integrated Brand Communications, is an advertising and marketing agency that specializes in creating Emotional Marketing campaigns.

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