Defining Quality, Online

Quality is often defined by one’s personal preference. It can mean a lot different things to people. When it comes to Google, the more time a user spends on a page, the more quality it embodies. Nowadays, it’s easy to give up on a website if it’s too difficult to navigate. That’s because there are so many more options that are just a click away. Staying on one page for a long period of time means it must be useful and intriguing.

It must have good quality.

While it’s always important to have keywords in your content, it’s now more important for those keywords to be displayed organically. What’s the point of having a page filled with keywords that the audience can’t connect with? You may get better SEO results but you won’t get the browsing time from readers. The more time a reader spends browsing, the better chance they will share on social media sites.

High search results are always going to be crucial for company webpage growth. Cutting edges and trying to beat the system may have worked in the past but quality content that is relatable is what’s needed after all.


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