Building Business with Snapchat

Are you interested in ways of creating better connections with customers and boosting your brand presence?  Here are ways to do it with Snapchat…

Endorse a Takeover:

Retailers who launch Snapchat campaigns should relish a Snapchat influencer who brings their following to a brand. Influencers have been known to boost brands by over 10K connections simply by showing interest and drawing their connections’ attention to it.

Create VIP Media Access:

If you are planning an event, give your followers a VIP look ahead of other media or behind-the-scenes peak by posting photos. By sharing your event, you can also give those access to your event who might not be able to attend. A regional event can quickly become global via Snapchat.

Offer Coupon Codes:

By using the instant photo feature, you can make an offer to customers to snap a photo of themselves or a friend using your product and show it in-store to receive a discount.

Focus Feed on Followers:

Feature your followers and get them involved in the content creation process. Start by gathering stories from follower-generated content. Do not make feeds just about your brand.

Affiliate with Influencers:

Partner with social media personality whose follower base is similar to yours to create fun or interesting photos with your brand, then encourage others to post and promote their stories.

Build a Meaningful Conversation:

Snapchat is about being real. Consider inspiring your followers to share their ideas about a particular issue related to your brand. Invite experts to comment so the conversation works both ways.

Private Preview Video:

Send a limited number of followers a preview video of a brand new product or service. Offer it to the first 50-200 new followers to build your audience.

Sagon-Phior helps businesses emotionally and intellectually connect people to brands. By meaningfully expressing a brand’s core values, our ideas, programs and strategies increase revenue, market, mind and heart share. A brand becomes more profoundly relevant through emotional, social and experiential interaction. Activating brands and engaging audiences is our core expertise. 


















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