E-Marketing: Is It More Effective Than Social Media?

We complain about all the emails we get during day. Between work, friends and all the mailing lists we feel we were conned into signing up for, it seems like a set up for disaster not checking email at least every 30 minutes. But believe it or not, this onslaught of electronic mail actually works – nearly 40 times as well as Facebook & Twitter combined with an average purchase rate 17% higher than social media.

The reasoning is simple. 91% of US consumers use email at least once a day. This isn’t to say that marketers should spam their mailing lists at a whim, but that there is real pull behind a well-written subject line and thoughtful email design.

Marketers should remember that the subject matter and aesthetics of an email are just the first taste in hooking a consumer. If it leads to a standard home page, he’s like to shy away. But custom landing pages that takes him straight to what he clicked on in the email means being one-step closer to a purchase. A non-mobile compatible site also deters consumers from purchasing and, according to Google, 61% of users won’t return to an inaccessible site.

In short, and marketers should keeping the messages short, personal emails related to a customer’s interests and shopping habits still reign supreme in effectiveness. This isn’t to say that social media and other digital should be entirely abandoned for email; there is still a time and place for those platforms, especially with shareable content. But if marketers are looking for solid conversions, they may want to consider a more anti-social route.

Sources: Forrester & McKinsey

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