Attracting Active Social Media Followers

It is a good idea for companies to start keeping track of who their social media fans are. The more fans a brand has, the more people a brand is able to reach. However, having fans that actually share and comment on their posts is a lot more beneficial rather than those that just simply “like” a page.

Users who share status updates, visuals and links are inevitably more likely to have more interaction with their own social media followers. These are the kind of users companies want connecting with and promoting their brand.

Gaining fans that are active on social media platforms seems more difficult and time-consuming than it actually is. An applicable way for brands to do so is to ask questions in posts that are relevant and incorporate the brand itself into posts in some way. This tactic generates responses and makes posts interesting to read instead of just a monotonous block of content that is likely to be scrolled past. Interaction is key.

Keep an eye out for brands that interact with their followers on social media; there’s a good chance that they have a strong set of followers tagging along.

*Sagon-Phior are brand specialists helping businesses fully leverage integrated customer experiences. We create personalized experiences through digital, broadcast and offline touch points that emotionally connect people to a brand’s core values, products, services and marketing. Our strategies and approaches increase market, mind and heart share by helping a brand become more profoundly relevant and meaningful through every interaction. Sagon-Phior’s knowledge and ability to adapt at lightning speed to data-driven results and execute real-time, always-on marketing can make the difference in the success or failure of a brand. 

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