5 Tweeting Tips

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“Tweet”, use to be a noise birds made. Now that Twitter is a social media network with almost 500 million users, “tweet” has a whole new meaning.

Many companies are still finding it difficult to master the art of tweeting. Although every company is different, we have created some rules to help you connect and engage with your audience on this social media platform.

  1. Shorter is Better: Twitter limits each tweet to 140 characters however, the more direct and to the point you are, the better. If you have a lot to say, do not try to fit it into one tweet. Create a brilliant teaser and direct followers to your blog where you can expand on the topic. When adding URLs make sure they are shortened. Twitter will do this automatically for you, but a great website to use is bitly.com. Bitly allows you to shorten your URL as well as track and analyze how many people click on your link, for free. This is a fantastic way to gauge what kind of content interests your audience. Another advantage of sending out a shorter tweet is it allows followers to comment when they retweet, without going over the 140 characters limit.
  2. Retweet. Retweet. Retweet: Retweeting is extremely important and can really help your Twitter following grow. When one of your tweets gets mentioned or retweeted, retweeting the mention, and doing so with a quote, is a great way to extend your voice and message. Another great way to build up followers is replying directly to the tweeter that has mentioned your message with a complement, or something that thoughtfully furthers the conversation. This will build your relationship and increase the likelihood that the tweeter will continue to engage with you. Remember, when someone retweets your message, the tweet will show up to all of their Twitter followers. This opens up the possibility to grow your own following.
  3. Timing is Key: Social Media is great for sharing up to the minute information. No one will be interested if you are reporting on a story that happened a day ago. Tweet in a timely manner and add your own opinion on the subject.
  4. Hashtags & Mentions: Hashtags and Mentions are great, especially if you are talking to a specific person, company or on a particular subject. However, when hashtags and mentions are used excessively, it can be annoying and hard to read. Only use hashtags or mentions when appropriate.
  5. Create a hook: If you would like your followers to click on a URL, make sure your tweet is enticing. Write like you are creating a magazine headline. You only have a couple seconds to grab the reader’s attention and draw them in to click.

Check back for more tips on Social Media Marketing.

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