Rodney Strong Vineyards

Insights Drive Profits from Vine to Divine

Rodney Strong Vineyards, distinguished as a leader in the wine industry, recognized the imperative to modernize their branding and amplify sales in a fiercely competitive environment. Sagon-Phior was appointed to revitalize the Rodney Strong brand, with the goal of significantly increasing sales directly to consumers and and distributors in key markets. The strategy focused on evolving a more engaging brand voice and experience to align with the needs of consumers and retailers.

Key to this strategy was audience segmentation, honing in on specific customer demographics with targeted marketing. A critical move was the introduction of a revamped e-commerce website, designed to enhance the online shopping journey and spur digital sales growth.

Furthering the brand’s outreach, Sagon-Phior created compelling video content that showcased the unique attributes and heritage of Rodney Strong, thus amplifying brand appeal. The campaign’s reach was broadened through social media, particularly on Facebook, with content crafted to bolster brand recognition and drive substantial traffic to the website.

The execution of these strategies led to notable successes: sales in targeted areas soared by 25% to 40%, surpassing initial projections. Additionally, there was a 12% uptick in online sales, accompanied by significant increases across all conversion metrics. This comprehensive approach elevated sales and brought industry accolades. The campaign was highlighted in Facebook’s Studio Spotlight as one of the premier online marketing campaigns of all time for demonstrating proficiency in boosting brand visibility and profitability.

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