Relaunching a Healthcare Brand in a New Light

Relaunching a healthcare brand with the goal of boosting awareness, response and consideration requires precision marketing and messaging. Developing and sharing personal stories of patients, pathologists and oncologists became the genesis for a digital marketing program that resulted in elevating awareness and increasing conversions.

Focusing on the positive emotions connected to breast health and reassurance, we developed informative digital and social content, built a more accessible website that supported the patient journey and launched a dynamic social media campaign that motivated response.

For decades, the options for follow-up breast imaging have remained unchanged: limited and unclear. Until now. We unveiled the future of breast imaging – a radiation-free, compression-free, true 3D breast imaging solution, available to all women. Through an emotion-driven approach that focused on patient care and needs, we developed a 5-part film series that humanized the QTbreasthealth brand.