Eagle Eyes

Sometimes you just have to remind people why they love a brand.

Eagle Eyes Optics is a foundational e-commerce brand with a large, loyal customer base. They’ve been successfully selling their proprietary, NASA-technology-based sunglasses, night, and digital glasses for over 35 years. Like many fashion brands coming out of the pandemic, their customer base wasn’t responding as anticipated. After a thorough brand review, we found the solution was to teach their customers how to love Eagle Eye’s again. We retold their origin story in a fresh, new way in a multidisciplinary, targeted campaign.

We redeveloped their website, focusing on the memorable experiences in their customers lives when they wear Eagle Eyes sunglasses – like a beautiful hike, a day at the beach, or a family outing. We launched an aggressive email marketing campaign, doubling prior email revenue results. We produced a targeted media campaign, using both static and video content, that increased overall traffic by 2x, engaged at 3 times historical rates, and converted with an overall Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) of nearly 300%.
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