True Relief

Breakthrough Bioelectronic Solution to Pain

We admit we have a passion for cutting edge medical technology. Really, our ardor is for anything that makes people’s lives healthier, happier, or just plain better. TrueRelief fit the bill. Imagine opioid-free, non-invasive pain relief that really works!

This is a client partner we have believed in and grown with over the years. With clinical trials underway, this patented bioelectronic solution is ready to launch. We have been working hand in hand with True Relief’s founder and investors through the various device designs, medical training manuals, brand identity development, strategic positioning, creative messaging and video content along with B2B, B2C vertical industry marketing and website development.  

This has been the opportunity to not only introduce a new brand, but to help pioneer a new medical field. It is an honor to be a part of the evolution of pain relief. We are excited to introduce the next phase in the launch of this exciting brand and its product extensions.

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