Defining Rapid Growth for a Non-Profit

National Charity League (NCL) is a mother-daughter non-profit started in 1925. In 2015, NCL had 194 Chapters in 23 States and 50,000 members. We were been engaged to revamp this nonprofit’s brand identity, marketing and public relations. In less than five years, the organization expanded to 282 Chapters in 29 states. They now have 200,000 active members, sustainers and alumnae. That is almost 70% growth in five years.

Firstly, we produced a strategic plan to increase membership and develop awareness. Secondly, we delivered a refreshed brand identity, brand manual, video, survey development, event marketing, program development and newsletter. Thirdly, we developed a fundraising campaign, leadership guidelines, membership kit, chapter recognition and sustaining member program. After that, branded templates, a national initiative and licensing program, website, publicity and digital marketing campaigns followed.