The Ultimate Brand Platform

For the dealership providing the ultimate driving machine, Sagon-Phior was tasked with elevating the dealership group’s confident brand platform and positioning it towards an audience that appreciates a fine-tuned balance of reliability and power. Through confident and compelling messaging, adrenaline pumping event concepts and development, and eye-catching out-of-home advertising and email designs, we established a platform that not only complemented the BMW brand, but elevated the dealership brand as a whole.

BMW of Palm Springs, a member of the indiGO Auto Group, is the premier provider of BMW vehicles and service for the Palm Springs, CA area. As an indiGO Auto Group member, they are renowned for going beyond the traditional dealership model by providing a more immersive and experiential ownership journey.

Through a unified and elevated indiGO Auto Group brand platform, indiGO Auto Group’s sterling reputation and care allows each of their 19 franchised dealerships to shine in parallel with the brands they represent in six US markets: Houston, TX, St. Louis, MO, and Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Riverside, and Marin County, CA.